Rindu pada hutan…

Kerinduan pada hutan membawa aku ke sini..hijau dedaun memberi ketenangan..rindu teman2 kembara sherpa..berada di hutan byk mengajar aku erti kesabaran, kekuatan  persahabatan, mensyukuri nikmat ciptaan tuhan yg esa..DSC_1266DSC_1262


From The Beginning Till Now – Winter Sonata


I try to tell my self it’s over
that you can’t come back to me
if I can’t see you again
I would rather forget
forget everything about you
I want to laugh
but you make me cry
I can’t seem to do anything
because of you
I fall to pieces
because I miss you so much
I try so hard to forget
and yet I can’t forget
I never knew it was so painful
to love some one

Adik Ain is 1

IMG-20130502-WA0000Alhamdulillah…adik ain is one year old today!  I have no word to describe my feelings towards this little angel. Time really flies..still remember my 1st day with her..never share and here is..